Diablo III

Diablo III

Monday, March 8, 2010

Whoa.. Big Sory..

I never tought dat i would say such things.. especially towards u little grl... I've read the post which u refer 2 the part when some1 says u r trying 2 " jilat bntot Ajutan".. Haha.. i dunno if there are other prson who would said dat 2 u 2.. bt i rmember i said dat.. Hey.. Big sory here.. actually, i dont mean it.. i know dat u r d victim over there.. he's been usin u... there are also other parts dat i think i said such an unpleasant words..Hey.. i care bout u..always.. but when i always care bout u.. ko pn jadk rimas nt kn.. n people would say dat we are "something"..since we r so close..dats y i said things dat would make me look like i doesn't care bout u.. Hey, i like when people said bout us, actually.. But i dont think u would.. u see.. u r a lady..cute 1.. n i'm a stupid jerk.. It looks like Beauty n The Beast.. doesn't mean dat i don't like u.. bt i'm afraid dat u would bengang ngan mulut2 yg x suda2 ckp kte itu la..ini la.. da laa.. ko pn mnyampah jek kalo aku brjiwang2 ni..aku pn bkn ske beno brjiwang2 ni..lg2 dpn ko.. segan bodo aku... hakhakhak! k lar.. I'm sory again k.. kalo ko bce ni aku hrp ko fhm la yer.. da brcmpur2 da bhse ni.. aku nk tdo... bye..

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  1. alaa..
    ko wat bodo je sape yg ckp korg ade sumthing..
    ur bezfren..wtpe nk cover2?
    da cm adk bradik pon lebey kurg..
    so mmg sumthing la 2..its not a crime ok..