Diablo III

Diablo III

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey u...

Hey... dear best fren...
hmm.. 2nite.. u really should told me dat u r goin 2 sleep already.. so dat i wouldnt burnt my bravo on d rush just now..! Hey.. we're best fren, girl.. it's good dat u r in a progress.. realy. I don mind if wouldnt talk or smile 2 me.. coz i understan it now... but it's good 2 see u talk n smiles wif other people.. dat would show people dat u r not an emo.. Hey.. u r 1 tough girl.. Dont think dat "people left u, betrays u"... NO..not every1... only the bunch of assholes.. Haha.. Alrite... DAT guy..? he's a serious 1 rite.. up 2 u... u r d 1 controlling urself now.. i could only watch or listen if u want 2.. tons of words i gave 2 u..bt u sure are stubborn little girl.. Please remember diz.. U ARE NOT A BURDEN..! dont u ever say such things anymoe.. We're best Friend! a special one..! no such things as burden between us ok... I'm sory if i ever said hurtful things bout u b4.. ok..?

Hmm.. bout those guys u r into nowadays.. Hmm..plis dont push them so hard, little Lillith.. U r trying 2 play them..bt be careful..be xtremely careful..! Men..they would be so nice 2 d 1 they r into..bt they could be a Ferocious Demon 2 d 1 who hurt them.. well... most men are.. bt i know a lot who such a patience guy..
R u mad at me adressing u as Little Lillith..? well.. u didn't think u are.. Do tell me plis... i dont want u 2 be mad at me in the time like dis.. I'm scared~.. Haha.. I wouldnt mind if i were u.. sometimes i told people dat i'm Lucifer... Heh.. Stupid..
Alrite now.. time 2 sleep....amigo..

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  1. salam ukhwah..
    mak aihh...lu punyer english macm jawa totok la bro...hahah..
    anyway,nice words..