Diablo III

Diablo III

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Forgive me, 4 i have sinned...

i dedicate diz 2 u all my frens.. my beloved frens.. whom i've known 4 bout 3 years alredy.. who helped me when i was in sadness, hardness, and PAIN... i never tot dat i'll be like diz.. hey,, we used 2 have all those fun 2gether.. we're like brother n sisters... but, HOW THE HELL THAT I HAVE ABANDONED U ALL...?? Shit..! thanx Little Red.., our talk dat evening had made me realize.. dat i've been lost in my own world.. a world called "LOVE".. i realize now how cruel i've been 2 my precious frens.. all bcoz i'm being so crazy bout love.. y don't u guys told me earlier bot diz...?? or is it me, who dodged those advices..?? i've been selfish.. i ain't thinking bout ur feelings... especially u 2... My Little Mushroom n Awek..

Awek.. 4 all i could remember.. u are d only girl who've known the darker side of me.. u have been there.., u saw me.., n u know wat kind of person i am.. but, yet u still keep it silence..mentioned n talked only wif people who also have known it.. we always travel 2gether 2 N9 b4 i continue home.. we spend times 2gether n have fun in KL b4 we get back 2 our own lazy-bored hometown.. n most of dat time we would have..
My Little Mushroom... U are sooo00 important 2 me.. u are the closest 2 me.. u know much bout me and understand me very well.. we've always been there when we need each other.. u comfort me when i was uneasy.. u introduce me 2 ur family..n i am so happy 2 know n met ur sis n ur mother..! they are realy nice people... it's juz me who are so fucked-up.. u teach me a lot of things.. if there's no u, i'll never get 2 know diz city diz much.. i could'nt survive if u never thought me all dat.. heyy.., i spent most time wif u than i spent wif my 'siblings'.. there are so much more dat i could say bout u rite now, but dat would costs me the whole nite, n morn..

Alrite, i wanted 2 say diz in front of both of u.. but i dont know how 2 confont u guys anymoe.. i'm ashamed of myself.. u guys are probably sick looking me spending time wif my Girlfren when i'm free, rite..? n i've actually forget bout u n how we used 2 be... u all must be so mad at me rite..? heh.. Awek, who are 1 tough girl n not a type of emotional gal, had showed her opinion yesterday... but i dont take it seriously untill... Little Red told me everything dat evening..and she also made me realize why u started being so cold 2 me, my own kawan baik, Little Mushroom. it's started when i refuse 2 have brekfast wif u coz i wanted 2 meet my Girlfren rite..?

Oh God..! i'm so stuck over here.. i want my Girlfren..! but i dont wanna lose my frens..! this precious little frens whom i've known long b4 i met wif my Girlfren..!
Arrgh....! cant u all juz get along..? Awek, Little Mushroom, Girlfren..n of coz u 2, Miss Little Red... i really want u all 2 juz get along wif me.. hey.. Girlfren realy want 2 spend time wif u Little Mushroom.. she told me dat she missed u... realy..! n i see u've overcome ur stage fright yeah..? hepi 4 dat...
N miss Girlfren... i hope u would understand me.. there's no other feelings toward Awek n Little Mushroom.. they are my BEST FRIENDS!! n i appreciate them so much..

alrite.. enough...stop...tears...

owh... I'm so fucked-up...

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